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Our New, Untraceable Futures

Kids learning to draw often settle for tracing.  Putting see-through paper over a chosen image so it can be copied to look exactly like the image under it.

When a woman is left, there is often a pull to trace her future life.  To live just as she had been living.  

Of course with the husband having left and all, the image in this scenario would yield nothing but an unsatisfying reproduction.  Tracing is not enough anymore.

Familiarity is comforting, but leads to no new discoveries.  This false comfort must be replaced over time.  How long? Until we boldly ball that tracing paper up, pulling a sheet of clean, white paper from our new life drawing pad.  Oh, the challenge of the blank page! Especially around the age of fifty!  Whatever could it resemble?

Nothing.  The best answer is it should resemble nothing.  This Mid-Life Drawing Class you were pushed into is yours to experiment with.  Have you ever heard of automatic drawing?  Where nothing is planned and eyes closed you freely draw wherever your hand takes you, no matter how long?

Every artist is only as good as their subject and now, you are both! To master means to overcome, to conquer, to triumph over.

In art they say it is all in the interpreter’s eye whether what they see pleases them or not.  (Some people “don’t get” Picasso!)  But this time you will move ahead knowing your piece is museum quality because it is from your soul. It is an original.  No tracing required.  Let yourselves become the creator of an astonishing (even to yourself) masterpiece.

Just for heavens sake, don’t choose a “Still Life!”

We all go through major life transitions when relationships end… Through this website, I will share my thoughts as I walk the path of “New-Self” discovery. It doesn’t matter which side of 50 you are on. The real question is, Are you ready to live life? To forge a Path of Your Own Making (For a change!)? Then stop dwelling over the What-Might-Have-Beens and join me. Share your thoughts here, comment on mine, and let’s do this together!

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