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Learning to Climb: A New Term For A New Life

Thanks to the curious curator of this page, there is a new term for where we are all at in our life-quests: “flighting.” Here’s an explanation.

We are all used to going up stairs.  Knowing how high to lift our foot so we don’t trip. Occasionally, we may not not raise it high enough.  But having ascended stairs our entire lives, the brain automatically makes the adjustment. Instinctually, it knows how high to lift each foot for a successful climb.

The stairs are metaphorically loftier than they have ever been when you are climbing alone at fifty.  

Lifting each foot to the required height is the only way to avoid injury. Perhaps it will include the need to hold onto a railing to hoist ourselves up to the next step so as not to hinder the upward direction of our destinies.

No one knows how many flights they have left to climb.

One old habit we learn to discard quickly, is glancing down. Back where we have already successfully climbed.  Using those old flights to encourage ourselves is a great option, as long as there is no risk of turning back.  When restarting a life, these same techniques must be employed. At times the climb is exhausting, but we quickly realize that the pace is up to us.  Life is not a race, unless that is what we are seeking.

Many Leftat50’s feel no need to rush.  Enjoying the climb is a bit of a surprise at first.  Many of us were exhausted when we began.

These days, scaling each flight is just what we do.  In our own way, in whatever shoes we love, eyes on the next rung.  The second nature of this action is an unexpected surprise!  The freedom ensconced in this new pastime was not an emotion we could have ever imagined in the early days of heartbreak. Shallow, nervous breathing was our norm.  We were skittish.  What if we fall?  No one there to catch us anymore, we thought.

Now we know there are more people ready and willing to catch us than we ever knew! A lot of them are right here, on this site, “flighting” their new, exciting lives as well!  Continue your climb ladies, we will not let you get hurt.  Scamper or scoot, waddle or toddle but keep going.

We all go through major life transitions when relationships end… Through this website, I will share my thoughts as I walk the path of “New-Self” discovery. It doesn’t matter which side of 50 you are on. The real question is, Are you ready to live life? To forge a Path of Your Own Making (For a change!)? Then stop dwelling over the What-Might-Have-Beens and join me. Share your thoughts here, comment on mine, and let’s do this together!

Photo by Peter Gonzales

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