Restarting Your Life When You Are No Longer A Wife

One gal’s tale of humor, tears, and hope after being Left at 50.

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Kevin J. Cullen
Kevin J. Cullen
Eye opening! As a long-time married man (47 years), this amazing book gave me a profound view of a woman’s perspective on relationships. Diane provided a humorous, touching and hard hitting story focused on relationships and life beyond them. This is a wonderful book with intelligent, raw and relevant insight into relationships and the related consequences.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
This book gave me so much hope and courage to reinvent myself! So fun! I loved the sense of humor in this book! It was so funny and such a creative way to help me get out of a rut. I'm 42, but I recommend this book for anyone who is starting over.
So Many Emotions! This book was a page turner! I'm finding myself at a similar crossroads and have been looking for a book just like this. Diane included so many of her own experiences and I would recommend this book to women facing any major life change. You will laugh, cry, and come out on the other end a motivated woman!
Eileen Luszcz
Eileen Luszcz
Therapeutic, entertaining and authentic! Diane’s book was creatively written ; raw, inspiring and hilarious. Not to mention the numerous tips to guide you out off those relationship break-up barriers. She takes you on an incredible adventure of one woman’s pain and sorrow but ultimately reaching happiness, peace and restoration.
Advice with heart and Dutch uncle clarity Filled with heartfelt information following what is a trauma at any age, RYLWYANLAW will educate. Wish this was available to reference when I was divorced during the dark ages (1971).Burroughs dishes out advice with heart and Dutch Uncle clarity. Her anecdotes are both chilling and hilarious in their honesty.Whether you are a divorcee or a kicked to the curbGirlfriend of any age this book will serve as the light at the end of the tunnel.
All The Wisdom You Didn't Know You Were Missing! This is one of the most honest and tell-it-like-it-is books about the process of, as Burroughs puts it, being "left by the person I trusted the most: my partner of twenty-four years" and how to pull oneself back from the precipice through action and awareness. I love that she begins by reminding us that, "there is security in realizing we are a tribe bound together by a life experience that wounded us deeply." That sentence sets the tone of having a confidante in what is a truly challenging time in life, but also reminds us to stop for a moment, look around and see where the members of our personal tribe may be.Throughout the book, Burroughs weaves together her personal story, along with anecdotes and examples of events that deepened her awareness of her own power and abilities and also her own value as a human being, not just as a "wife". She also offers heart-felt, hard-won and often humorous advice on ow to make the transition form the role of wife to, full-fledged independent woman. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on "Reinventing Yourself", where she offers advice such as, "Give yourself permission to be happy. I mean it. Somewhere along the way, you convinced yourself that you don’t deserve that. This notion that a woman’s life is intended to be a struggle is an old-fashioned notion." And the insight of, "It took me a while to get here, so don’t put yourself down for not being able to be gleeful every day." Lest we think we are supposed to be able to make this transition within 48 hours and without any messiness.In her chapter, "Claiming Your Destiny", she is right there with us..."We feel beaten down and sad. What happened to your destiny? What is your new destiny? It’s time to think about that. Because the time to achieve it is growing shorter, don’t waste a single day worrying about the things from the past keeping you down." and Then leads us forward with suggestions for action that will, eventually increase our sense of personal destiny and control. (I also really like that she includes fun and creative ideas to keep us moving forward, like collaging, and taking oneself on a date).Her "heads-up" about not being seen once we hit 50 is also a clarion wake-up for anyone under 50. and I love the humour and wit she brings to this, sad truth about our current society. My fave quote from this section (and seriously every woman on the planet under 50 should read this...) "I’m going to share an unfortunate reality that other mature, intelligent women my age and I contend with for reasons none of us understand. The best way to do this is to give you an example from my own life that I am certain you will relate to. For some reason, when I state things, others feel a need to research it to “make sure” it’s true. ...... But sometimes a strange behavior occurs. I’ll say something, and the other person feels a need to refuse to believe what I’m saying and create their theory to prove me wrong. This gives them glee. Even when it’s an incredibly minor fact and they have no idea what they’re talking about. This relentless fact-checking behavior rarely happened when I was part of a couple. But now it happens with regular frequency."As she states in her Conclusion.... and I think it's beautifully said here..."Life is ours to live, and we deserve to honor the one we are living. The opportunity to remake ourselves through a pain we thought we could not imagine sharing with another human being, even though we know doing so could help us turn things around. That is the purpose of this book."And I thank you for it!!!
I did not put it down. I read the entire thing in one go. I liked the tempo of the read. I read the book in one go. I then used my kindle and read it there as well while I was in transit flying for work. This book is more relatable to men than what you may think. The author also has a ton of content about the book which I thought was very unique. I seen a video and that is why I bought a book.
J Armstrong
J Armstrong
Your No-Nonsense BFF giving you advice Starting out anew after you have been married for years, especially after your husband leaves you for a younger “version” would be difficult for anyone. The author went through such an experience and chose to share her journey with us in hopes it will help others.I haven’t gone through this (and hopefully I won’t), but I have friends who came home to find out their husbands have left them for the secretary. This happens all too often, and I found the book to be emotional, humorous and in general like the straight-shooting best friend you can talk to, in order to get good advice. I liked the book and the advice was good and the unique perspective on a woman’s life after 50 was insightful.
Lorenza Seldner
Lorenza Seldner
Funny, relatable, hearthbreaking, hopeful! When I commenced reading the book I was a bit disappointed. I thought the narrative was one of those where the cheated wife plays the victim and blames the ex for everything that went down in their relationship. As I moved through the pages, I realized I was mistaken. In this sincere narrative, the author opens her heart to those who have been in her shoes, in a place where people can judge you for “not seeing it before.”More than a self-help book, or a guide, this is a confession. The author explains her ordeal, the phases she went through, and how she discovered a path to be happy at 50 after being left by her twenty-something-year partner. The writing is straightforward and fluid.
Amy K.
Amy K.
Beautiful Read “Restarting Your Life When You Are No Longer A Wife: One gal’s tale of humor, tears, and hope after being Left at 50,” is a passionately written book that truly will bring you to experiencing both laughter and tears as you experience the hardships and lessons that Diane Burroughs endured after her husband left her for a younger woman. This book feels like you’re having coffee with a friend as she shares the details of her life, it is most certainly well worth the read.

Author spotlight

Diane Burroughs was with her husband for 24 years. She was 50 when he left her for a younger woman. Frustrated and alone, she looked for a path to happiness in books and blogs, but no one was speaking directly to her – the mid-life divorcee. Burroughs aims to be a beacon of light and humor to newly divorced and single women over 50 with her writing in this book and at LeftAt50.com.

Diane Burroughs

Readers say

Wow! Sure described my marriage. When I asked where he was, his reply was always “working.” Working meant playing with another woman and working his game plan.

Kim R

This was like reading my life.

Wendy F

This is EXACTLY where I am. Reading this was such a gift.

Tracy B

There’s a new place in the world waiting for you.

And you know it.

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