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Easter Elegance Hatches

I woke up this morning with a strange thought. What if I decided to be elegant? Maybe it’s that I’m swinging the other way after two years of wearing pajamas or sweats. The chronic informality of that is now so acceptable.

What if I put on my good earrings and wore my beige top and knit pants and shoes that don’t tie? This Easter weekend, this “Chick” is hatching!

I’m going to bring some elegance, not in just the way I dress but in the way, I treat myself, feed myself, and look at the space that I reside in. “What would make this moment a little elegant?” The definition of elegant has many different meanings. It could mean classy, or precise, but we tend to think of it as someone dressed in their Easter Sunday best.

Maybe it’s time to look for some elegance and see if that can elevate my mood and my whole perspective on life, which seems after two years, to have become so mundane. So slouchy. So sweat-panty. So laying-on-the-couch.

I think I will by myself lilacs!

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I actually found myself starting to eat all my meals in bed. This weekend, I’m actively sitting at a dining room table like a normal person, eating off of actual dishes, with a real knife and fork. And not unwrapping something that I drove through and picked up and ate half of on the way home.

I need a more elegant perspective on what I’m putting into my body. Wish me luck. Maybe I’ll actually get out some candlesticks and light some candles while I’m having my dinner tonight. I’ll let you know. Have an elegant weekend!

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  1. Aunt Shirley Aunt Shirley

    What a concept, a little bit of elegance could go a long way!

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