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The Problem Is Your Head

I know somedays you will simply want to feel sorry for yourself. To dwell on the negative. The sky could be the brightest blue, but in your head it’s bleak and grey. What is it? Why can’t you see the sun that is so plainly shining for all to see? The problem is your head. So do yourself a favor and get out of it. I took a walk the other day to get out of MY head. (Trust me, you do not want to be in THERE) And as I glanced down at the sidewalk, I saw this teeny, tiny smiley face wedged into a crack on the sidewalk. I’m sure a hundred people had stomped over it without noticing. But as I looked down at that little symbol of joy, I decided not to let my head win. If something so seemingly trivial could turn my day around, then maybe this day wasn’t so bad. Look around this world today and find your own little joy. In something simple. And maybe that simple thing can diminish the din in your head for just a second. And then make it an hour. And then make it a life.

We all go through major life transitions when relationships end… Through this website, I will share my thoughts as I walk the path of “New-Self” discovery. It doesn’t matter which side of 50 you are on. The real question is, Are you ready to live life? To forge a Path of Your Own Making (For a change!)? Then stop dwelling over the What-Might-Have-Beens and join me. Share your thoughts here, comment on mine, and let’s do this together!

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