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A DIY Xmas? No way Martha Stewart!

Every holiday season, I get sucked into watching another Martha Stewart segment where she explains how you can make your own gift🎁for pennies. These are supposedly things people would love.

“I am still looking for the “tissue” setting on my iron.”

I, however, could not hate this more. If you are like me, you do not have the crafting gene. Therefore, you do not have “crafting supplies” at the ready.

This morning, I watched Martha explain how you can “iron old ribbon” to get the wrinkles out and reuse it!! Martha, I can’t even iron the belt to my robe without scorching it. I’m not setting my place on fire ironing ribbon!!

But wait, non-DIY ladies, it gets better! (worse)

Martha explained how you can paint a pattern on old tissue paper! You know, to make it look like a basket, or floral🌺or polka dot. And when you are done painting, you must IRON the tissue to get the wrinkles out. I am still looking for the “tissue” setting on my iron.

Let’s talk wine bottles. They have so many uses. Did you know you could use a glass cutter (!) and cut the top off the bottle? Then you can print out a favorite photo onto a sticky label and use that to cover the wine label. Voila! A custom vase! Who would not love a gift such as that to adorn their holiday table?

Now, no disrespect to crafters. I’m just pointing out that this segment was a bit much. It ventured into the Land of Parody in my book. My very thin book…of crafting.

What can I say? My tree🎄will NOT be adorned with “photo frames” that I made out of popsicle sticks. I know. I’m bad. I’m less-than. But when did DIY become a thing all woman should be good at? Don’t I have enough female-centric talents? Shaping my brows? Not tearing a hole in panty hose the very first time I put them on? Finding a glue to fix almost anything that breaks? Do these talents count for nothing?

With all respect to Miss Stewart, I will not be covering old baby food jars in glitter so I can put cocktail nuts in them. And I will not be wrapping a bottle of good booze in garland and handing it to someone adorned with “ribbon” I created by dying old shoelaces red and green.

And I’m okay with that. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the mall. To buy things. Things with no glitter, glue or repurposed wine corks. But I think I’ll still have a Happy Holiday, no shrink-wrap-using-a-blowdryer required!🎅

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