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At LA50 we love to work with companies and products that will help you through whatever may cross your path.  Our sponsors and affiliates are featured below.

Bon Joy Box $2.00 Off!

Bon Joy Box LA50 Promo

bonJOY is a subscription box for discovering fashion + beauty + living goods from brands with social impact.
We carefully curate products that do good for trafficked, exploited, and at-risk women around the world.


Delfin Spa

Delfin Spa Promotional Offer

DELFIN is the pioneering brand of active and shape wear apparel dedicated to providing you with innovative solutions through the very latest advancements in textile technology.  Founded in 2007, DELFIN launched with its BIO-CERAMIC COLLECTION of heat maximizers. This groundbreaking line ushered in a new era in apparel by offering a unique and effective material designed to contain and reflect your body heat, thereby turning your own body into an efficient, calorie burning engine.



Ashley Asti

It matters what you put in and on your body! Handmade with organic healing oils and powders of the earth to honor your spirit and your health.



Zhou Nutrition

Zhou Nutrition’s core philosophy is Greatness By Nature. This is about getting back to our roots, and reconnecting with the way nature intended for us to live and nourish our bodies. Elements found in nature have a powerful ability to help us heal and thrive, and we draw on these properties to create superior products that boost your mental and physical health, naturally.



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